CMMI for Services

The CMMI® for Services can help you:
  • Provide competitive world-class services
  • Reduce costs
  • Meet deadlines and
  • Increase customer satisfaction
CMMI for Services leverages off the experiences of global leading copmanies. By investing in CMMI for Services, your business is preparing for the future and learning from best in class.

CMMI for Services focuses on activities for providing quality services to the customer and end users and provides businesses with guidance on:
  • Delivering standard and strategic services
  • Transitioning new services whilst maintaining current service levels
  • Preventing and resolving incidents
  • Continuity of service during catastrophic events such as fire or flood
  • Managing the capacity and availability of services
And is unpinned by a core of practice that includes:
  • Managing requirements and risk
  • Planning, monitoring and controlling projects and work
  • Staff development and training
  • Measurement programs
  • Quality assurance
  • Formalised decision making
  • Establishing an infrastructure for sharing knowledge
  • Predicting service performance and product quality
  • Introducing new technologies and innovation