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The SCRAM Introduction Course is a comprehensive overview to the methodology. It presents the processes and considerations for planning, constructing a schedule and executing a project using schedule based management techniques to specifically reduce the risk of schedule slippage.

The SCRAM Introduction Course will address schedule performance management techniques and identify typical drivers of project schedule slippage, including the use of the SCRAM Root Cause Analysis of Schedule Slippage (RCASS) model together with schedule risk analysis and parametric modelling techniques to quantify schedule compliance risk.

The SCRAM Introduction Course is a pre-requisite for the SCRAM Assessor Course.

2 Days


$1430 per head

The SCRAM Assessor Course is a two-day course that includes a “real-life” case study used to perform a SCRAM Review. The course guides participants through each stage of a SCRAM Review providing "hands-on" opportunities to work as part of a SCRAM Team to:

  • Develop briefings
  • Interview project personnel
  • Review project artefacts
  • Present conclusions structured around the Root Cause Analysis of Schedule Slippage (RCASS) model

The ideal candidates for SCRAM Assessor training are engineers and project controllers involved in the management or acquisition of complex systems engineering projects.

2 Days


$1430 per head

The High Performance Skills course is an amalgamation of four half-day courses, each focussing on an essential skill needed by IT professionals, but which may not have studied at university. They are high performance because they have been found to be major contributors for success.

You will learn:

  • Leadership presented in a new light and find out how to develop your personal leadership through a process of self-actualisation.
  • How to refine your time management skills to a higher level and become much more productive.
  • The fundamental of ethical technology practice and what this means in the 21st Century.

A technical communication primer for engineers.

All in all, an excellent of series topics that can help you to shift gears in your career.

2 Days


$1760 per head

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