High Performance Skills

High Performance Skills for Technical People (2 days)

Presented by Dr David Tuffley


$1,760 per student, 10% discount for additional students from the same organisation

(incl. arrival coffee, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea each day)

What are the High Performance Skills?

The High Performance Skills for Technical People course is a series of ½ day workshops for industry professionals seeking to strengthen their command of these important success factors

  • Leadership and self-actualization for success
  • Time Management – use time or it will use you
  • The Ethical Technologist in the 21st Century
  • Communications for ICT – the essential guide

Why should I attend the High Performance Skills course?

So you can shift gears in your career. Give yourself the competitive edge in your career by learning those skills needed for long-term success but which you may not have learned at university. Two days of engaging, interactive discussion, plus four complete eBooks to keep as a reference.

Leadership & self-actualisation

For centuries people have tried to understand the elusive quality of Leadership. What it means to be a leader differs according to the circumstances. This course explains the timeless, underlying qualities that must be present in a person if they are to be perceived as a leader by those around them (includes charismatic leadership and process model).

Time Management

Use Time or It Will Use You by Geoff Dromey is a modern classic. This book has helped thousands of people become highly effective managers of their most precious commodity. This is one of those rare works that have the potential to transform lives.

The Ethical Technologist

An exploration of what it is to be a technologist during this most dynamic period of human history, and what is the essence of ethical IT practice. Hundreds, even thousands of years in the future, the technological advances of the late 20th and 21st Centuries will be recognised in history as a pivotal point in human history.

Communications for ICT

Communications for ICT is an essential guide for IT professionals. Whether you want to become a Technical Writer, or simply an IT professional who wants to become better at doing documentation (and that can boost your career), this course is for you.

Who should attend?

Professionals from: Government Departments, Commercial Organisations, Financial Institutions, Telecommunications, Education, Health Care, Military, anyone looking for a competitive edge.

Course Description

The Essential Skills course is an amalgamation of four successful half-day courses, each focussing on an essential skill needed by industry professionals, but which may not have studied at university. They are high performance because they have been found to be major contributors for success.

You will learn:

  • Leadership presented in a new light and find out how to develop your personal leadership through a process of self-actualisation.
  • How to refine your time management skills to a higher level and become much more productive.
  • The fundamental of ethical technology practice and what this means in the 21st Century.
  • A technical communication primer for engineers.

All in all, an excellent of series topics that can help you to shift gears in your career.


Bring a laptop or tablet computer for viewing course materials (no printed course notes).

Course Inclusions

Included in the High Performance Skills for Technical People course is:

• electronic copy of the course material (727 pages)

• Lunch, morning tea, afternoon tea and refreshments

Dates & Locations

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Course Presenter: Dr David Tuffley

Dr David Tuffley is a part-time Consultant with RedBay Consulting. He is also a Lecturer in the School of ICT, at Griffith University since 1999. David has a strong track record in applied research, principally in the leadership development, applied ethics and technical communication fields. He has presented successful workshops to industry since 2004.

Before academia, David consulted in the computer industry for 17 years beginning in London in the 1980's. David has undertaken extensive action research into the communication problems experienced by software developers and users.

As an undergraduate at the University of Queensland, David studied Psychology and Anthropology. His later M Phil and PhD work was at Griffith University in the areas of information systems and software engineering.

David has a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education. He is an experienced and engaging presenter with nominations for Excellence in Teaching Awards to his credit.